Barry Walker

Barry Walker“Barry Walker Jr.” is the forthcoming LP by Tennessee-born, Portland-based musician Barry Walker.  It is a collage from disparate places and times:  Corvallis, Portland, Seattle, western Kentucky; 2008 – 2015.  “American folk music” alongside pedal steel experiments and country rock songs, electronic pop, ecstatic guitar music, bugs and frogs.  It’s Barry’s first album since his acclaimed 2012 cassette,“Banjo Knife”. Besides recording these songs, Barry has been playing pedal steel in Mouth Painter, Roselit Bone, Hearts of Oak, and Flash Flood and the Dikes and has played pedal steel with many PNW musicians including Marissa Anderson, Lavender Country, Michael Hurley, SPUR!, and Osprey Sisters.  “Barry Walker Jr” is a joint release between Snake Hander Recordings and Deer Lodge records–a first.

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